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Bishara - The Mosque of Ibn Tulun is located in Cairo, Egypt.
Learning, Design, and Technology Students 2023
Bishara Abdul-Hamid
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Doctoral student, Penn State College of Education
Learning, Design, and Technology
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Info :

Bishara ABDUL-HAMID is pursuing a Ph.D. in Learning Sciences and conducts research at Penn State University in the College of Education, specializing in Learning Design and Technology.


His academic endeavors are dedicated to exploring innovative approaches within the realm of constructionist and interest-driven methodologies.


By employing these methodologies, he seeks to cultivate essential skills like critical thinking, competency, and leadership among learners.


Central to his work is creating educational systems that seamlessly integrate with nature and cognitive processes while co-designing meaningful STEM learning experiences.


His primary focus is bridging the educational gaps, particularly among underrepresented youth in secondary education.


His interdisciplinary efforts encompass learning science, design principles, and the pivotal consideration of equity. He investigates diverse learning landscapes, delving into both conventional and unconventional settings while also championing the incorporation of computational thinking.


Beyond academia, he wears multiple hats. He is the visionary behind Algorithm Technology Designs, an enterprise dedicated to Global Systems Leadership, Instructional Design, and fostering educational partnerships.


As a professor at Penn State University's World Campus, he imparts his expertise and is also a sought-after education consultant. He extends his influence to the Newark Board of Education and the City of Newark, New Jersey, and collaborates with Project Success under the aegis of 100 Black Men of Atlanta.


His extensive career journey encompasses founding a digital media startup, investing in technology startups, and tenuring at prestigious tech giants, including  Cisco Systems and AT&T.

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By Bishara ABDUL-HAMID · Take-off 2023

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